Season 4
Celebrate Spring and the dawn of Season 5!
Season 5 Launch on March 21st
With the end of Season 4 and the arrival of Spring, a fresh breeze of excitement sweeps across our card-playing community as we announce the start of the fifth season in Card Games by Bicycle!
We've been fixing some bugs, introduced the friend referral program and can say that awesome new things will be blossoming this new season!
Season 4 Rewards
Our loyal Season 4 players who have proven their card game mastery will receive an enchanting reward, inspired by lavender fields and lush green meadows, the 'Season 4 Springtime Reward Pack'!
Leaderboard Points eligible for this Season 4 reward are:
  • Hearts - starting from 550 ranking points;
  • Spades - starting from 450 ranking points;
  • Gin Rummy - starting from 450 ranking points;
  • Solitaire – starting from 850 ranking points;
  • Euchre - starting from 425 ranking points;
Any player with the above listed Leaderboard Points in the games during Season 4 is eligible to receive the 'Season 4 Springtime Reward Pack'. This includes:
  • An exclusive digital table immersed in sunrays and soothing hues of lavender.
  • A bundle of five flourishing avatars to show off your accomplishments in style.
  • A radiant digital deck, faces and back infused with springtime essence and beauty.
All Card Games by Bicycle Rewards are subject to the Card Games by Bicycle Rewards Program Terms & Conditions.
Card Games by Bicycle is not just a card game app; it's a vibrant community of card enthusiasts who share their passion for gaming and Bicycle cards. Join them in celebrating the dawn of a new season and engage in thrilling matches, growing your skills, making new friends and claiming the top spots on the leaderboards!
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