Season 4 announcement and rewards
Get Ready for Season 4 in the Card Games by Bicycle App - It's Holiday Gameplay Time!
Season 4 Launch on December 21st
Card game enthusiasts, brace yourselves for a festive season filled with thrilling gameplay! On December 21st, the long-awaited Season 4 of Card Games by Bicycle kicks off, ushering in a wave of excitement for card game aficionados across the United States. As we celebrate the already impressive community of 160,000 players, Season 3 has laid the groundwork for an even more engaging gaming experience. 
Expanding the Bicycle Community: 
Our community flourished during Season 3, and we couldn't be more delighted. With 160,000  players and counting, Card Games by Bicycle has emerged as the go-to app for card game lovers seeking connections with friends and family in the United States. The app serves as a hub for friends and family to connect and enjoy card games together. 
Elevate your in-person game nights: 
Recognizing the unparalleled charm of traditional game nights, we have a special treat for Season 4. All app players will receive a 15% discount on any physical deck of Bicycle playing cards, allowing you to enrich your offline gaming experience and create memorable nights with your loved ones. Whether it's poker, bridge, or any other card game, Bicycle playing cards have symbolized quality for generations, and now you can acquire them at a special price. Go to the Card Games By Bicycle app to claim your rewards and receive the promo code. 
Season 3 Rewards: 
For our loyal Season 3 players who have showcased their card game prowess, exciting rewards await. All who achieved the following Leaderboard Points during Season 3 are qualified for the prestigious Season 3 Reward.: 
  • Solitaire: starting from 920 ranking points 
  • Hearts: 550 ranking points 
  • Spades & Gin Rummy: 450 ranking points 
  • Euchre: 411 ranking points 
Players meeting the listed Leaderboard Points criteria are eligible to receive the Season 3 Reward, which includes: 
  • Access to a brand-new digital table, offering a heartwarming Christmas themed environment. 
  • A special user avatar bundle to proudly display your accomplishments in style. 
  • A season 3 design back and fronts of cards. 
We're excited to offer all players a beautiful Christmas-themed digital table design and avatars: 
Didn’t make the cut for the Season 3 Rewards? That’s okay, because we’ve got a special gift for everyone!  
  • From December 22nd to December 25th, you can claim a free Christmas avatar. 
  • From December 21st to December 31st, you can claim a free Christmas table. 
Don't miss out on your daily free Christmas-themed avatar and table!  
All Card Games by Bicycle Rewards are subject to the Card Games by Bicycle Rewards Program Terms & Conditions
Card Games by Bicycle transcends being just a card game app; it's a vibrant community of card enthusiasts who passionately share their love for gaming. With the launch of Season 3, the app is poised to reach new heights, bringing joy and excitement to players. Visit Card Games by Bicycle now to enjoy our digital card-playing experience!